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Dr. Wafaa Al-Shaaran, M.D

is a Jordanian board-certified in dermatology, venereology and lasers who has been awarded numerous professional honors and certificates over the course of her career. She is also the only doctor in Qatar who holds the French board in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. Prof. Wafaa has a wealth of experience in treating various general and aesthetic dermatology conditions and is very well versed in treating patients of all ages and complexities. Dr. Wafaa believes that a doctor’s role is to create a supportive relationship with the patients, motivating them to create positive and impactful changes to their health, so she tailors an individualized plan that takes into account the effectiveness of the treatments available, but also the possible risks, cosmetic outcomes, cost, and patient choice. Although he is passionate about all the varied aspects of general dermatology, she has a strong interest in promoting and caring for the unique skin health needs